NAK Hair Colour Masque Amethyst (260mL)

NAK Hair Colour Masque Amethyst (260mL)

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NAK Colour Masques create harmonious colour brilliance in colour treated and natural hair. Featuring shine enhancing Macadamia Oil and our NAK Vegan Complex to restore hair fabric softness, hydration and lustre. Gracefully fades with cleansing.


  • Gently colours the outer cuticle layer of the hair, with semi-permanent cationic pigments while enhancing condition
  • Provides sheer toning control and corrects brassy tones
  • Prevents colour fade and maintains colour between salon services
  • Conditioning colour longevity from roots to ends
  • Masks greys, blends style and shade variations
  • Gracefully fades with cleansing
  • Restores hair fabric softness, hydration and lustre.

Cleanse hair with your preferred NAK Shampoo. Condition porous areas, if desired. Towel dry and apply 4-8 pumps of NAK Colour Masque evenly to clean damp hair. For less colour intensity, leave on for 3-5 minutes. For full colour intensity, leave on for up to 25 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water until water runs clear. Condition hair using your preferred NAK Conditioner or Treatment. Towel dry and finish with NAK Colour Fix Leave-In Treatment.

Wear gloves when using NAK Colour Masque as staining of hands, towels, tiles and grout may occur.

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