Eco Tan Coconut Body Milk 375mL
Eco Tan Coconut Body Milk 375mL

Eco Tan Coconut Body Milk 375mL

Eco Tan

Love hydrated skin, but hate feeling like greased lightning? Enter Eco by Sonya Coconut Body Milk, a lightweight but deeply nourishing hand, face, and body lotion.Enriched with nourishing plant oils and extracts, this body milk leaves skin glistening without the slip-and-slide feel of other lotions. Your skin will be smooth, soothed, and happy, all thanks to this unique natural formula from Eco by Sonya. 

Key benefits of Eco by Sonya Coconut Body Milk

  • Hydrates skin on the face, body, and hands to give you the ultimate multitasking moisturiser that works anywhere

  • Gentle formula is free of harsh chemicals and irritants, making this a safe product for everyone to use

  • Instantly quenches dry skin without a slick, sticky finish

  • Unscented


Key ingredients in Eco by Sonya Coconut Body Milk

Coconut and Aloe instantly calm and soothe irritation; strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier; protect skin’s moisture levels; and prevent redness, irritation, and inflammation.

Macadamia Oil, which is rich in fatty acids, nourishes the skin, improves skin health, minimises imperfections, and helps heal scarring. 

How to use Eco by Sonya Coconut Body Milk


  • Smooth over hands, body, face, or any area that requires extra moisture.

  • Apply immediately after bathing to lock in moisture and prevent water loss post cleansing.


Who is Coconut Body Milk for?

This product is suitable for all skin types, ages, and genders. Those with sensitive, dry skin will benefit most from Coconut Body Milk. 

What is the benefit of an unscented body lotion?

Unscented body lotions such as Coconut Body Milk are beneficial to those who find excessive fragrance irritating to the nose or skin. Not everyone requires an unscented body lotion, but for those with sensitive skin or noses, unscented products are an easy way to minimise reactions.

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